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Healthy hearts for busy executives

Especially created for stressed business executives, now this sensational book is also available in english. So you can immediately start your way to a healthier, more powerful and successful life.

INTRO: The Author, given up by official medicine, got through a dangerous heart illness by alternative healing methods. When he totally healed himself by this amazing methods he got an expert of good old natural healing methods, developed by the vienna medical school. Until today he is healthy, sporty and more powerful than ever – without any pills.

Read this book and learn how to:

1. Reduce your stresslevel and heart complaints immediately – just with things you already got at home.

2. Increase your energylevel constantly by a step by step 3-day-experiment and feel more powerful than ever before.

3. Love and detoxicate your body so you get fit and fresh for a life full of exciting adventures.

4. Regulate your weight naturally and totally restore your immune-system.

5. Succeed in overcoming your greatest fears and reduce the risk of heart-attacks, strokes, cholesterol and high blood-pressure.

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Your Gernot Friedrich

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