Dr. Thomas Kroiss, Vienna, Austria

“HEALTHY HEARTS FOR BUSY EXECUTIVES” ¬†is an excellent book!
I liked reading your book! You don’t make long explanations, but quickly hit your purpose.

The formula is simple: Medicine is caring for your sicknesses, therefor you have to care for your health!

This book is a great introduction of a former seriosly ill young man, who describes his alternative methods to get healed.

The very skilled author shows an overview of many fundamentally health improving methods of the European Natural Medicine, which can help everyone to heal small sicknesses in everyday life and restore your health.

Your goal should be to keep your health up high, to never fall into the sickness trap!

You couldn’t find anything better but this booklet as a treasure in your hands with which you can care for yourself!

With my best wishes,
Dr. Thomas Kroiss


Dr. med. Thomas Kroiss is active as a physician for General Medicine in Vienna. He specialized on sicknesses of the cardio-vascular system, cancer and sickenesses which could not be healed so far.

Additionally he works with Homeopathy, Natural Healing Methods and Holistic Medicine, where he received a European Reward in Brussels in 1997.

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