I like to be with our children, grand-children and with culture (Here is the “Castello del Buon Consiglio” a Trento, Italy.

My name is Gernot                                                                                                                                  
I was born in Austria, where I still reside. Married in 1970 to my dear wife Hanni, I am the proud father of two and the grandfather of four wonderful grandchildren.
I am a business consultant and expert for green and sustainable industrial cleaning processes in major European industries. 

Today, I am a vital, happy, brilliant man, father, grandfather and businessman  in full health.     

F o r   t w e n t y   y e a r s   I   h a v e   n o t   b e e n    s i c k, never ever taking any pill.

But it was not always like that.

As a young man I had a difficult heart disease  – mitral insufficiency – which was said to be inoperable. I could not do any sports, always coming last, rejected, excluded, laughed at. Many nights I was crying of despair into my pillow, because I was condemned to a short miserable life. Doctors had given up  my case.

But with natural treatments of an alternative physician I was completely healed to this day. My heart is strong and happy!

Later I had a  2 cm-disk displacement. The back pain continued to increase until I could not stand or walk.  Finally I could not even lie down without pain. I experienced the powerlessness of modern medical methods.

Then, through the alternative methods of a wise old physician at the famous Viennese Medical School, I became perfectly healed within a few years. To this day my spine is completely stable and I am active in many sports including fitness training, mountain hiking and skiing. Can you imagine that you never ever have any pain?

From all these experiences, thousands of studies, books and lectures,
I developed this tested, step−by−step system to build up a systemic structure of YOUR health. It is my intention to equip you with the best available methods to carefully relief your heart, blood and organs – with no extra costs, by what you probably have at home.”

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Good luck for you!

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