Stay cool in summer heat

High temperatures can burden your organism more than you may recognize. But here are some simple helps to your relief:

• Drink a lot of pure water because it cools your circulation system down!
• Cold lemonades, Ice Tea, icecream, beer and so on put your stomac under schock! Better drink lukewarm drinks.
• Light food relief your digestion and keep you fit !
• Profit of the morning and evenings to inhjale cool air, which is calming your heart and circulation
• Go to bed early, at least when the room is cool enough.
• Alcohol, coffee, Cola and nicotine whip yopur circulation, better not!
• Cool forearm shower or -bath in your sink, cool footbath, a full shower or even rubbing with a wet towel will relax you.
• Joyful swimming, hiking in the mountains or woods or parks, a cool evening game and so on finish a nice day.

Good luck!

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