The Top-5 Instant Heart Tips

Do you have heart pain, stress, fear? Here are … THE  TOP-5  INSTANT HEART TIPS

1.     Sit up straight, or even better: stand up!
• Take a nice deep breath: IN and OUT.
• (IN) Say loud (if possible): „I cut off all burdens from my heart” … (breathing OUT)
• (Breathing IN) “and now I immerge into heavenly peace!“

2.     Then take another deep breath IN and OUT.
• Now, stretch all muscles of your body – (IN)
• from the legs by the belly, breast, arms until your face (if you don’t frighten your neighbour!)
• Let go again and breathe deeply OUT!  –
• This is one of the deepest relaxations for all of your cells and nerves in no time at all! You should repeat it, if you like it!

3.     Now you will probably like to
• breathe two to three more times, sitting or standing
• then close your eyes and visualize: (IN)
• „I am standing / sitting in a soft cloud / in warm water / in warm sunshine
• and I enjoy it.” (OUT)

4.     Organize a big glass of fresh water for yourself, possibly nonsparkling
• drink it within the next half hour in sips
• every time with a deep breath.
• If possible, take the time to walk a short distance, oh yes, even to the bathroom – consciously!

5.     Hold the back of your head with one hand and ask yourself (loud or  silent):
• „What is my INTENTION for my next time-period?“– Listen to your heart!
• Then start acting with a smile on your face and a refreshed heart, easily and goal oriented!You may repeat these series as often as you want.You will feel its smooth relaxation.

Dr. Gernot Friedrich, Business Consultant, Author and Speaker, Austria.

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